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As we explore both the real and bogus claims about healthy aging in our documentary

Who Wants to Live Forever, the Wisdom of Aging, I wanted to share the results of this pilot study conducted by UCSF. In short it suggests that using a specific sort of moisturizer with three types of beneficial lipids (cholesterol, free fatty acids and ceramides), increases cytokine levels in the body, which lessen greatly with aging.

I ran this information by noted San Francisco Dermatologist, Dr. Peter Panagotacos. While the company that produced the moisturizer for this trial came from a South Korean Company, he suggests an inexpensive, highly effective brand made in the USA, CeraVe, He writes:

I don’t know who came up with the first use of ceremides but it was CereVe which first began marketing a moisturizing cream which had ceremides. The idea behind it was the typical fats = oils used to moisturize skin applied the oil to the surface which occluded the moisture in the body preventing it from migrating up through the various layers and then evaporating off . That is still an excellent way to moisturize. The addition of smaller oil molecules and free fatty acids which could seep in between the cells allowed for deeper penetration and prevention of water moving out.

As you can see by reviewing the article above, the clinicians found the participants of the study had cytokine levels “to be nearly equivalent with people in their 30’s, suggesting that rejuvenating the skin can reverse ‘inflamm-aging.’”

Next up, a more long-term study. In the meantime, it can’t hurt to use lipid-rich moisturizer often, and wherever you can.