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I received a mailer today from a doctor (who apparently has a Doctor of Philosophy degree and is not a Medical Doctor), touting a supplement he calls Elysium. I presume the name is derived from the 2013 movie with this descriptor:

In the year 2159, humanity is sharply divided between two classes of people: The ultrarich live aboard a luxurious space station called Elysium, and the rest live a hardscrabble existence in Earth’s ruins.

The mailer continues with this headline: “Thanks to science, now you can change how you age.” And, it offers me the chance to try this singular supplement I need for $50 a month (or a variety of other special deals if you commit to a longer subscription).

Having produced a film about healthy aging a short time ago, Who Wants to LiveForever, the Wisdom of Aging,the information contained within still being current, I continue to struggle with these sorts of claims.

Now don’t get me wrong, this man is a noted scholar and has an advisory board with Nobel Prize-winning scientists in the mix, but I need to consult with a doctor in the trenches of a real practice to get another opinion. So, I contact Dr. Peter Panagotacos, a San Francisco-based dermatologist and hair transplant specialist, author and noted lecturer often on the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil https://www.lykovouno.com/category-s/43.htm, which he produces on his estate in Sparta, Greece.

Of the potential benefits of Elysium he writes:I’m not convinced it would do anything. We all want to live longer healthier lives and there is a lot of demand for new elixirs. The problem with these claims is that there is a bit of science which proves antioxidants can help prolong life, but no matter how much olive oil and other antioxidants you consume you still age.

It seems to me that aging well is the best revenge, as well as making medically and fiscally sound decisions on what to ingest. I’d take a fresh salad with a beneficial and tasty dressing any day over a pricey pill.

What do you think?

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