Why Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

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By Christine Scioli

My hubbie’s roots are in Abruzzo via Philly, and he was raised with Italian olive oil at the table. I on the other hand, of Irish and French descent long ensconced in the USA suburbs, might have seen a bottle of Wesson oil used in the course of a year when I was growing up.

In a ‘diss to his paesano, these days he’ll only use Lykovouno Greek Organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Why? Too much of the so-called Italian variety is mass produced and blended with poor quality oil, often from other countries.

He’s also a terrific cook and looks for the most taste with the least amount of fluff. “Use less, taste more” is his motto for great cuisine.

Lykovouno’s Koroneiki olives are single varietal and grown on the slopes of the founder’s ancestral village, noted San Francisco dermatologist Peter Panagotacos. The entire family is involved and dedicated to producing the finest quality, hand picked, cold pressed olive oil sold in the United States today. Their commitment to organic farming is of particular note as well.

In similar fashion, I use this exceptional oil for a pared down skincare regiment that actually works. I use it to take off my eye makeup and moisturize my face and body. You just don’t need all that other stuff cluttering your bathroom vanity! Dr. “P” knows all the skim scams well. A little Retin-A and sunscreen, good diet and lifestyle, mixed with some Lykovouno on and in the body is a simple and effective anti-aging RX!

Lykovouno products are available at numerous retail chains such as Whole Foods in Southern CA and Mollie Stones in the San Francisco Bay Area, and direct to consumer on the company website, http://www.lykovouno.com.